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Components/ Ingredients:

Linen, Cotton, Rayon, Viscose, Silk


Palem raja No. 28 Bubulak West Bogor West java Indonesia 16115


Award & Certification





We are a social enterprise that is active and highly experienced in the field of ecoprinting and natural dyes by empowering communities. The process of making ecoprinting is handmade and uses authentic Indonesian ethical sources. We accept custome orders for ecoprinting and natural dyes with a minimum order of 50 pcs per order. the price is determined by the type of fabric, color and pattern desired and we provide samples by handfeel, all the the fabric we made is suitable for fashion and homedecor.

The materials we use are natural fibers, including protein fibers (silk) and plant fibers ( linen, cotton, rayon, viscose ), some of which are certified fabrics such as liva eco by birla cellulose and tencel lyocell. Order processing will be carried out after the buyer pays a 50% down payment. Our company is experienced in exporting ecoprinting products and we guarantee the quality and results of products that are completed on time. Lead times for bespoke orders are – typically 3-4 weeks after final sample approval. All prices exclude VAT and Prices exclude delivery Payment terms 100% prior to delivery

By collaborating with our company, you are already helping to have a good impact on women's equality, responsible consumption and production and education quality and help us to reach living wages in rural area.

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