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Jawa Classic


Manufacturing/ Production Type:


Components/ Ingredients:

Wood, Teak Wood


Jl. Bantul KM. 4 No.350, Dongkelan,
Panggungharjo, Sewon,Bantul,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55188


Award & Certification

INACRAFT AWARD 2022 (The Best Wall Decor Design)

BEKRAF AWARD 2019 (The Best Video Profile)

JIFFINA AWARD 2017 (The Best Eco Product)

SVLK 2018-2020 Tric-IDN-TL-230 by PT. Trifos Sertifikasi (TRIC)

SVLK 2020-2022 LVLK-009-IDN by PT. Transtra Indonesia

SVLK 2022-2024 221-SIC-04.02 by PT. Sarbi International Certification




Jawa Classic, which was established in 2014, continues to strive to develop into one of the leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the furniture and handicraft industry. Our main products are outdoor furniture with teak wood as the basic material and also used wood furniture which has the main target market in Europe and America.

In line with the company's slogan "Sustainable Forest is Sustainable Furniture", the company always adheres to the global principles of sustainability (sustainability). In accordance with this principle, we pay attention to every link in the entire business process chain. This is done starting from the selection of raw materials that have clear legality. We also prioritize the safety of workers, especially in the process of cutting, assembling, and finishing. Utilization of small pieces of waste from the production process by the surrounding community to fulfill fuel in their homes.

For more than 7 years of operation, Jawa Classic has one head office in Yogyakarta City. Our products have reached various countries in the world such as Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, America and countries in the Middle East.

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