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Manufacturing/ Production Type:


Components/ Ingredients:

Cotton, Linen, Rayon


Jl. Menteng Niaga F 15 Jakarta 13960 Indonesia


Award & Certification

Semifinalist Sisterpreneur 2022

REX GSP EU (Registered Exporter Generalized System Of Preferences in European Union)

SNI (Indonesia National Standard Mark With the established standartd code)

NPB (Good Registration Number by the directorate of quality control standarization under the directorate general of consumer and protection trade order of the ministry of trade)




LAVICI is an Indonesian design. More than a brand or a style, LAVICI, founded in 2019, is a state of mind, a way of living, based on love for the everyday life, creativity and freedom of mind. As a founder, Viralea, thought of herself as a Fashionpreneur. She is doing the design and manufacturing of all apparel types. From adults to youngsters, men to women. From ball dresses to casual sweats, from the most rarefied and high stitching to simple everyday clothes. Also from outer to underwear. We work with clothing brands and designers to develop their products. Our skilled craftsman will work with you from developing sample to get your product ready for the market.

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