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PT. Indo Risakti


Manufacturing/ Production Type:

Home Decorations

Components/ Ingredients:

Wood, Bamboo, Natural Fiber such as Water Hyacinth, Straw, Sea Grass


Jl Ring road Manding, Yogyakarta, 55714, Indonesia


Award & Certification





Established in 2012 at Bantul, Special Region of Yogyakarta-Indonesia. IndoRisakti specializes in environmentally friendly products including Basketry, Boxes, WallArt, Mirrorsand Decorative items

We develop items from recycled materials such as old newspaper, waste paper snack packs, pieces of left-over cloth and any cast-off materials including water hyacinth, sea-grass, and natural straw.

With Indonesia being rich in cultural diversity we explore the traditional skills to create premium home decorative handicraft that fit in contemporary homes.

We are experienced in volume production and international logistics (Europe and USA) with emphasis on quality, design and timely shipment. In addition, our participation in CBI‘s Fair Trade Finest programme, we are in the process of becoming a fair trade certified company.

Our goal is to present eco-friendly and fair trade products to the world.

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