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PT. Mukal Bersaudara Energi


Manufacturing/ Production Type:

Green Beans Cofee, Organic Coconut Sugar Powder

Components/ Ingredients:

Green Beans Coffee, Organic Coconut Sugar


Kemang Point Building, Jl. Kemang Raya No 3, 3rd Floor Unit III-04A, DKI Jakarta, 12730, Indonesia


Award & Certification





PT. Mukal Bersaudara Energi was established in 2014. Our main business is a green coffee beans exporter. We offer a variety of unroasted green beans from Aceh, Flores, and East Java regions in Indonesia. Our office based in Jakarta, but we work directly with the farmers to source fresh green beans coffee for your roastery. Currently, we are serving the local market and Southeast Asia market. We would like to expand our business to cater to more markets.

Our green coffee beans :
Origin Aceh (Sumatra Arabica) - semi wash and full wash.
Grade 1, Grade 3, and Grade 6 (pixel)
Production capacity = 500 Ton per month

Origin Flores (Flores Arabica) - semi wash and full wash.
Grade 1 and Grade 3
Production capacity = 100 Ton per month

Origin East Java (Java Arabica) - Full wash.
Grade 1 & Grade 4
Production capacity = 500 Ton per month

Contact us to learn more about our farmers, green beans coffee quality, the plantation, and the process. We will arrange samples for potential buyers.

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