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Sabila Craft


Manufacturing/ Production Type:

Capiz Shell Craft, Homewares, Home Decorations, Furniture

Components/ Ingredients:

Shell Combined with Wood, Iron and/or Natural Fiber


Jl. Ketepeng III/20 Trunan, Tidar, Magelang, Central Java, 56125, Indonesia


Award & Certification





SabilaCraft is a handicraft company that is dedicated to producing and providing the highest quality products. Inspired by nature, we are engaged in the creative industry by utilizing waste as raw material that is processed into a variety of product innovations.

Using natural ingredients combined such as conch shells, water hyacinth, mendong, wood, bamboo chinoise, sticks, rattan, banana leaves, our collection is a unique blend of modern style and functional products using innovative materials, textures and colors. All types of products for home accessories, garden and office accessories, gift items, table top items, boxes, baskets, wall decor and mirrors, all of them are 100% handmade by our skilled craftsmen.

Our company is engaged in the creative industry by utilizing shellfish waste as raw material which is processed into various kinds of product innovations. Our company has 3 values which make it different from other companies.

Unique, Serviceable, and Beneficial
1. Unique, the products we produce have their own characteristics both in terms of quality and quality and we produce various kinds of products in tableware, houseware, and furniture.
2. Serviceable, customer satisfaction is our priority.
3. Beneficial, we empower the marine products of fishermen in the northern coastal area, minimize marine pollution, and empower coastal communities with the aim of fostering their work value and creativity, and increasing the value of exports in Indonesia.

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