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Surya Furniturindo Gemilang


Manufacturing/ Production Type:

Door, Specialty Door, Custom Door

Components/ Ingredients:

Canarium Wood (Burseraceae Canarium)


Tenggilis Lama IV / 32, Surabaya, East Java, 60299, Indonesia


Award & Certification






Surya Furniturindo Gemilang, PT. is a high-end woodworking manufacturer located in Surabaya (East Java) and Palu (Central Sulawesi), Indonesia.
We started off in 1990, as a construction company that also produces special and custom-made furniture, as CV GMC. As time goes by and our reputation grew, we received requests for custom-made solid wooden doors. We see this as an opportunity that can't be missed. After 20 years, in 2006, CV GMC finally evolved into PT. Surya Furniturindo Gemilang. We serve the international market with its needs for custom-made high-quality solid wooden doors. Since then, for tens of years, we have serves buyers from many countries worldwide, from Asia to Europe.
PT. Surya Furniturindo Gemilang is a registered company in Indonesia. We are also a member of the Ministry of Cooperatives Small & Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia; East Java Ministry of TRade and Industry, and Indonesia Furniture Industry and Craft Associations.


PT. Surya Furniturindo Gemilang produces solid wooden doors, door frames, architraves, and door jambs. All products are made with the highest quality wood that has been personally kiln-dried with our boiler system until only 8-12% moisture left. Our selected Canarium wood (Burseraceae Canarium) is better in texture and quality than other kinds of wood you have ever seen.
We also use other materials such as natural tree bark, peeled stone, and other wood waste to be combined with high-quality solid wood. In Indonesia, tree bark has been known as one of the biggest waste contributors to wood-related production (10.5-12.1% of a tree's volume). By using tree bark as a unique finishing for our products, it gives new value to the end products on top of waste recycling.
We pride ourselves in making your design into a high-quality reality.


We believe in:
- Empowering local blue-collar workers
- Reintegration of ex-convicts
- Mindful and responsible use of locally sourced natural resources
- Fairtrade products and materials
- Integrity in all aspects and quality consistency

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