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UD. Een Production


Manufacturing/ Production Type:

Textile (hand-drawn batik)

Components/ Ingredients:

Cotton, Linen, Silk with Chemical Colour and Natural Dye


Jl. Gunandar, Rilban 1/22, Kedungjenar, Blora, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia


Award & Certification





Our company started in 2003 as a boutique/haute couture for Indonesian traditional wedding gown. Beginning 2009, we no longer accepting just wedding gown. The demand for formal and casual Batik clothing had increased, within the same year our company joined government program to preserve Indonesian hand-drawn Batik (Batik Tulis). Our employees joined the course of making Batik Tulis and create our own design and pattern that represent the character of our area and tradition in Blora, East Java.

Our Products

Our Batik Tulis is famous for its colorful and modern pattern.
We have 2 type of production :
1. Hand-drawn Batik with Chemical Coloring
2. Hand-drawn batik with natural dye.

Our Quality

Our batik made by our skillful artisans who have more than 10 years experience. We made the batik only on natural fiber material such as 100% Cotton, Linen or Silk. Buyers can choose from our wide selection colors and pattern. We also accept custom design Batik Tulis.

Currently, we serve locals and domestic market. Nevertheless, our shop in Blora is very popular amongst local and foreign tourists.

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