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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

As businesses start to run normally post-covid, etoobai also actively engage in many in person events to promote Indonesian products. We are proud to bring products of etoobai's member of directory in 2 events in August 2022.

First event is Indonesian Consulate's Bazaar Festival attended by Indonesian Diaspora in Houston Texas. In this event, we promoted Jengkol Rendang and Red Beans Rendang, both are the products of Rendang Uni Tutie. Rendang Uni Tutie brings authentic rendang recipe from Bukittinggi to the customers only to use the best ingredients, with no preservative and MSG. The company is registered with the FDA and looking for buyers.

We also promoted authentic Indonesian recipes organic mixed spices from Roeparasa. "Roeparasa" is a home-made spices with a secret recipe for generations and is special using authentic Indonesian herbs, free of animal elements, safe for vegetarians. Roeparasa is a typical Indonesian with peranakan flavor that presents the best choice of peranakan Indonesian cuisine, a lost past but at least partly recovered from the menus presented. The company is FDA compliance and looking for US buyers.

In the same month, we also joined The Consulate of The Republic of Indonesia presenting Made in Indonesia products at American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) Expo in Houston, Texas. The event was attended by ACC's member and local guests. In the photo Mr. Andre Siregar, The Consul General of The Republic of Indonesia in Houston, Mrs. Inta Bozkurt, The President of Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs Network, and Mrs. Ita Puspitasari, The Consul of Economy of The Republic of Indonesia in Houston (left to right).

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