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Etoobai and Indonesia Eximbank in Facilitating Export to the United States for Indonesian SMEs

Etoobai is committed to helping the Indonesian economy through promoting products made by Indonesian SMEs. As a concrete manifestation of its vision and mission, on July 21, 2023, Etoobai together with Indonesia Eximbank collaborated to succeed in the Indonesian government's efforts to

support exports by local small and medium enterprises.

The event entitled "Pelepasan Ekspor Bersama Negara Tujuan Ekspor: Amerika Serikat" took place at CV. Sabila Multi Kreasindo located in Mungkid, Magelang, East Java. This event was welcomed by the enthusiasm of local SMEs, as seen from the level of participation that was attended by a total of 17 SMEs who produced various types of commodities, such as pottery, bamboo and natural stone crafts.

Etoobai and Indonesia Eximbank collaboration is a demonstration of the

efforts to support export activities of local products by SMEs, hence it is hoped that with this collaboration export activities by SMEs will be able to undergo an increase which will lead to improved economic conditions in Indonesia.

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