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Trade Ministry to boost exports of Indonesian spices

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JAKARTA - The Ministry of Trade continues to boost the increase in Indonesian spice commodities amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This time, the Ministry of Trade is mapping the market opportunities for spice products in the Egyptian and Indian markets.

"Egypt is a promising market for Indonesian spices because the needs of the people for spices, such as nutmeg and cloves, are very high. Indonesia ranks number one as a clove exporting country to Egypt," said the Director General of National Export Development Kasan in a webinar entitled “Opening Spice Market to India and Egypt" held on Wednesday (8/7).

As for the Indian market, the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Chennai Kumara Jati revealed, the opportunity for the Indonesian spice market is also a great opportunity because the majority of people need spices as medicine, religious activities, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and drinks.

The total value of Indonesian spice exports to Egypt in the period of January - April 2020 was recorded at USD 1.42 million. For cloves (HS 9071) recorded at USD 1.12 million, cinnamon (HS 9061) was recorded at USD 181 thousand, nutmeg (HS 9081) at USD 100 thousand, pepper (HS 9041) at USD 13 thousand and ginger (HS 9109 ) recorded at USD 6,000.

The value of Indonesian spice exports to India for the period of January - April 2020 for cloves (HS 0907) was recorded at USD 7.9 million; nutmeg, flower, and cardamom seeds (HS 0908) of USD 7.3 million; coffee (HS 0901) recorded at USD 5.9 million; pepper (HS 0904) recorded at USD 3.29 million; and ginger, turmeric, ginger (HS 0910) were recorded at USD 1.8 million. (LM)

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