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Food & Beverage

A food manufacturer that specializes in Beef Floos, Vegetarian snack and Sauces.

Abon Cap Koki

Indonesian green beans coffee suppliers and exporters.

PT. Mukal Bersaudara Energi

Organic Instant Seasoning


Indonesian agricultural and horticultural supplier. Commodities, include Gutta Percha, Betel nut, Agarwood, cocoa beans, vanilla.

CV. Hen's Co

Balinese traditional liquor

PT. Multiverse Spirit Indonesia

Organic Coconut Sugar Manufacturer. Crystalized and block sugar. Located in Central Java.

CV. Permata Satria

Food manufacturer produces Rendang packaged and spices mixed paste. Brand Rendang Uni Tutie. Accepting private label.

PT. Rendang Uni Tutie

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